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Critter Bros., proudly serving California and Nevada, specializes in rodent control, offering bait stations and ongoing services. We excel at removing larger vertebrate pests and employ a diverse range of integrated approaches for wildlife management as well as animal damage repair and prevention. Our wildlife conflict resolution emphasizes trap-free solutions, including one-way doors and eviction techniques, eliminating the need for trapping whenever possible. Our commitment aligns with a policy of live trapping and relocating critters, such as, bats, rodents, squirrels, birds, skunks, and more, within practical, cost-effective, and legal parameters.

At Critter Bros., we adhere to the established standards of excellence in wildlife pest control, maintaining these benchmarks with a professional team of biologists. Our highly trained wildlife control technicians are equipped to address various nuisance wildlife issues, spanning from bird control to rodent removal. In every situation, we prioritize humane wildlife critter handling strategies. Trust Critter Bros. to provide reliable and effective wildlife management solutions in California and Nevada.

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