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Mole Removal

Ground Mole Removal in Sacramento, CA

Ground moles, small mammals notorious for their tunneling activities within lawns and yards, leave behind distinctive volcano-shaped mounds of earth known as molehills. Despite their small size, these creatures can inflict significant harm to your outdoor spaces.

Their excavation efforts can ruin the appearance of your meticulously maintained lawn by uprooting grass to form molehills and leaving elevated ridges in the soil as they burrow. This disruption extends to damaging the root systems of your grass, potentially signaling an insect infestation.

For assistance in safeguarding your yard against these disruptive burrowing pests, Critter Bros provides expert mole removal and control services tailored to the Sacramento, CA area.

What’s The Difference Between Moles and Voles in Sacramento, CA

Many individuals confuse moles and voles, yet these creatures have a few distinct characteristics:

Moles possess prominent noses and extremely small eyes, virtually invisible to the naked eye. Their large feet equipped with sharp claws are adapted for digging, and they predominantly inhabit subterranean tunnels. Moles sustain themselves by preying on insects such as earthworms, grubs, and beetles.

Voles, resembling mice with their brown fur and rounded faces, are rodents. They inhabit areas abundant in tall grass and low-lying vegetation, occasionally constructing shallow tunnels. Contrary to moles, voles primarily forage above ground, feeding on seeds and roots.

If you see tunnels in your Sacramento yard and uncertain whether moles or voles are the culprits, reach out to Critter Bros today for a free inspection!

Mole Damage in Yard in Sacramento, CA

Moles are small, merely 4-7 inches in length, their impact on your yard can be devastating. They’re attracted to yards with rich soil hosting a bounty of insects like earthworms and grubs, which they feast on by ravaging the root systems of your grass. This tunneling and feeding process often results in unsightly patches of dead, brown grass, a problem that exacerbates with continued mole activity.

The most obvious indicator of mole presence is the emergence of molehills—circular mounds resembling miniature volcanoes formed from the dirt excavated during tunneling.

Moles not only decimate your lawn but can also pose structural risks. Their excavation beneath your property’s foundation may lead to cracking and settling. If you suspect a mole infestation in your Sacramento yard, don’t hesitate to reach out to Critter Bros for professional mole trapping and removal services.

Mole Removal Services Near Me

Moles have the potential to cause significant damage to your yard through their extensive tunneling activities, resulting in the formation of sizable molehills and disruption of your grass’s root system as they hunt for earthworms and grubs. Critter Bros provides assistance by offering mole trapping, removal, and exclusion services in Sacramento, CA.

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While moles are capable of carrying the rabies virus, instances of transmission are uncommon. However, the primary health concern associated with moles stems from the insect parasites they harbor, such as fleas and ticks. These parasites have the potential to transmit diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

For effective removal of moles from your yard or lawn in Sacramento, CA, always reach out to the wildlife specialists at Critter Bros. DIY treatments typically prove ineffective against moles, as these creatures do not respond to repellents, ammonia, mothballs, or light and sound devices. Moreover, pesticides often cause as much damage to your yard as the moles themselves, and some may even pose risks to the local ecosystem.

To efficiently address your mole problem, it’s recommended to enlist the services of a licensed wildlife expert. Critter Bros offers comprehensive mole trapping and removal services in the Sacramento, CA area, along with exclusion measures to prevent future mole intrusion into your yard.

The cost of mole trapping and removal services is variable, based on the severity of the problem and the specifications of your property. Contact Critter Bros today to get started with a free inspection at 916-695-6789!

Moles can wreak havoc on your yard by digging extensive tunnel systems, leaving behind large molehills and disrupting your grass’ root structure through their process of searching for earthworms and grubs to eat. Critter Bros can help, we offer mole trapping, removal and exclusion services in Sacramento, CA. Contact us today at 916-695-6789

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