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Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Services

If you smell something rotting, notice a lot of flies in one area, or spot stains on your ceilings it might indicate that an animal died in your home. If you suspect this, it’s crucial to avoid attempting to touch or handle the animal. Some animals, such as opossums, may pretend to be dead and can become aggressive if disturbed, potentially transmitting diseases like rabies. Critter Bros offers professional dead animal removal services near Sacramento, California so you don’t have to face it alone!

Removing a Dead Animal

Discovering a deceased animal on your property can be unsettling and potentially hazardous. Critter Bros offers professional dead animal removal services in Sacramento California to help you safely and promptly resolve this issue. When it comes to dealing with dead animals and wildlife on your property it’s important to follow specific rules. Calling a professional wildlife removal company for dead animal removal is the best course of action because sometimes the animal isn’t actually dead but injured or sick. A wildlife expert will not only handle the proper removal of the animal but also clean up the area, disinfect it, and address any damage that may have occurred.

Does Animal Control Remove Dead Animals?

In Sacramento, California, animal control does not typically remove dead animals. They should be contacted if the animal is sick or injured or is a domestic pet like a cat or dog. Critter Bros can provide removal services if you have a dead wild animal in your home or yard. We do not offer domestic animal removal. Contact your local Animal Control Officer for dead stray domestic animals and small wildlife near or on roadways.

Who to Call for Dead Animal Removal? | Dead Animals Removal Sacramento, CA

Critter Bros offers professional dead animal removal services in Nevada and California to help you safely resolve this issue. Our trained technicians are equipped to handle the removal of various types of dead animals, including opossums, raccoons, birds, and more. We understand the importance of quick and efficient removal to prevent the spread of disease and mitigate unpleasant odors.

Upon arrival, our team will locate and safely remove the deceased animal, taking care to minimize any disruption to your property. We will then properly dispose of the carcass following local regulations. In addition to removal, Critter Bros can also assess and address any damage caused by the animal, such as insulation contamination or structural damage. Our goal is to not only remove the animal but also ensure your property is restored. Trust Critter Bros for reliable and professional dead animal removal services. Contact us at 916-695-6789 to get started.

We do not remove dead domestic animals like dogs or cats.

Dead Deer Removal Near Me Sacramento

To remove a dead deer from your home or yard in Sacramento, California contact Critter Bros at 916-695-6789. Call your local animal control to remove dead deer from roadways.

Dead Animal Removal Services Near Me

For professional and prompt dead animal removal services, reach out to Critter Bros.

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Dead Animal Removal Cost

It is crucial to remove a decaying animal from your home as soon as possible. When a dead animal decomposes fluids are released that can attract other pests. Not to mention the smell is rancid. The cost to remove dead animals depends on several variables such as:

  1. Accessibility: The location of the dead animal, such as whether it’s in a wall, crawl space, or attic, can affect the difficulty and time required for removal.

  2. Size of the animal: Larger animals may require more effort and resources to remove compared to smaller ones.

  3. Extent of decomposition: The longer an animal has been dead, the more decomposition and associated odors there will be, potentially requiring more extensive cleanup and deodorization.

  4. Location of the home: The cost may vary depending on the local rates for wildlife removal services in your area.

  5. Type of animal: Some animals, like larger mammals, may require specialized equipment or expertise for safe removal.

  6. Damage caused: If the animal caused damage to your property before or after death, such as chewing through walls or insulation, there may be additional repair costs.

  7. Biohazard risk: Depending on the circumstances, there may be a risk of biohazards that require careful handling and disposal, which can impact the cost.

Every situation is unique, and wildlife removal is not always one-size-fits-all. Contact us at 916-695-6789 for more information about the cost of Dead Animal Removal. 

How to Remove Dead Animal Smell?

Clean and Sterilize starting at the source of the odor: the dead animal site. Critter Bros includes a basic sanitizing and disinfecting service during the removal process. The odor should gradually diminish over time, so give your space a few days to return to normal.  High moisture levels and humidity can trap odors, making them more difficult to eliminate. Increasing airflow in your home can help move these odors out more quickly and dry up any damp areas where odors may be lingering. However, if a strong smell lingers after a week, it’s wise to contact a professional cleaning company.

Free Dead Animal Removal Estimate in Sacramento, California

If you’ve found a deceased animal on your property in Sacramento, Critter Bros offers a complimentary dead-animal removal estimate to help you address the situation promptly and efficiently. Our team of professionals will assess the situation, provide an accurate estimate for the removal process, and answer any questions you may have. We understand the importance of timely and respectful wildlife removal and are here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us at 916-695-6789 for your free wildlife removal estimate in Sacramento, California.

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