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Critter Exclusion Services

Exclusion & Habitat Modification

Critter Bros. employs various techniques in habitat modification and exclusion to deter critter’s from entering your residence or property. Our critter exclusion services offer a comprehensive solution to thwart incursions onto your property. These preventative measures restrict access to essential resources like food, water, or shelter for the targeted species.

Animal & Critter Exclusion Techniques:

  • Chimney – Chimney caps and screens can prevent critter’s from falling in or nesting
  • Plumbing Vents – Properly excluded vents can prevent critter’s from seeking shelter and becoming stuck in plumbing pipes
  • Roof and Fascia Spaces – Sealing entry points between the roof and fascia will discourage animal entry
  • Roof Vents – Lightweight, flimsy vents should be replaced with heavy, secure roof vents
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents – Adding vent covers will keep animals out
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection – Securing soffit gaps will help prevent easy animal entry
  • Holes in Siding – Repairing and reinforcing holes will discourage animal infestation
  • Porch and Deck – Installation of durable rat walls around base prevents animal entry
  • Trees & Landscaping – Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation denies easy access to your home

Animal Exclusion Techniques:

The experts at Critter Bros. possess the expertise and training to swiftly identify the problematic animal and devise an efficient defense plan. Critter Bros. will pinpoint every entry point, apply our prevention strategies, and eradicate persistent critter intrusions into your home or property. Contact Critter Bros. today for impactful critter prevention.

Minor Repairs Prevent Major Damage

A minor opening in your fascia board, attic vent, dormer, or gable vent might serve as an entry point for flying squirrels, red squirrels, mice, and bats, allowing them to enter your home and leave behind droppings, urine, fleas, and ticks in your attic. Have a Critter Bros. specialist examine your residence and seal these entry points before they escalate into more significant issues.

Humane Wildlife Exclusion

Critter Bros. philosophy advocates for humane critter exclusion and environmentally responsible approaches to managing nuisance wild critter issues. We employ innovative, integrated methods to deliver ecologically sound critter exclusion services. Collaborating with you, we formulate a plan to remove and exclude the nuisance critter pest, prevent future critter infestations, and address critter damage. Critter Bros. stands behind our commitment with our critter exclusion guarantee: “Our Repairs Keep Animals Out!”

Critter Bros. handles wild animals only. Please call your local shelter if you have a domestic animal issue.

Why Choose Critter Bros.

Embracing the beauty of critter and fostering an understanding of our shared natural environment are essential initial steps towards resolving conflicts between critter and humans. Addressing these conflicts requires a blend of tolerance and comprehension, dispelling misconceptions that often stem from unfounded fears. Creatures like bats and raccoons, though beneficial to the environment, are seldom threats to humans. While nature can often find its own balance, there are instances where intervention becomes necessary to prevent further harm to our homes, safeguard our properties, and ensure human health and safety.

At Critter Bros., our philosophy revolves around humane critter control and environmentally responsible practices in managing nuisance critter issues. Our comprehensive services encompass critter control & critter removal, critter damage repair, critter exclusion, and pest control prevention. Employing cutting-edge, integrated techniques, we deliver ecologically sound critter control solutions tailored for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities.

Our certified critter specialists at Critter Bros. draw upon decades of experience, honing their skills to swiftly identify the specific critter causing the problem at hand. Collaborating with you, we develop a customized plan that not only removes the nuisance critter but also prevents future infestations and addresses any damage caused.

Service Area:

Critter Bros. stands as the premier critter removal company, boasting offices in both Nevada and California. For any critter control or critter removal issues,  contact us or call us at CA (916) 257-8739,  NV (775) 870-6061. Trust Critter Bros. to provide the professional critter management solutions you require!

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