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Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife Exclusion in Sacramento, CA

Residents of Sacramento, CA facing challenges with wildlife, such as raccoons, bats, or squirrels in their attics, may find wildlife exclusion services indispensable. Exclusion techniques are critical when these animals persistently inhabit and potentially damage attic spaces.

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What is wildlife exclusion?

Wildlife exclusion involves implementing strategic barriers and modifications to prevent animals from entering and residing in your home or property. This approach is both humane and effective, focusing on long-term solutions rather than harm to the animals.

What kinds of wildlife can be excluded?

  • Squirrels – These critters are often found in attics due to a variety of factors like height, and how easy it is for them to utilize attic insulation for nesting.
  • Raccoons – Extremely capable climbers and strong enough to pry open roof vents or shingles.
  • Bats – They can slip into very small openings to roost and breed in attic spaces.
  • Birds – Species like sparrows and starlings may nest in attic vents or under roof eaves.
  • Mice and Rats – Small rodents that can easily squeeze through tiny gaps to find warm nesting spots.
  • Opossums – Although less common, they can invade attics when looking for a quiet place to sleep during the day.

Best Wildlife Exclusion Service | Reno, NV

At Critter Bros, we provide top-tier wildlife exclusion solutions in Sacramento, CA.  Our team is trained in a range of services tailored to address the specific wildlife challenges of the area, from rodent control to large mammal exclusion. Our comprehensive approach includes thorough inspections, development of customized exclusion strategies, and the installation of effective barriers, coupled with ongoing maintenance checks.

Wildlife Exclusion Near Me | Reno, NV

Searching for “Wildlife Exclusion Near Me” in Sacramento? Look no further than Critter Bros.  Whether you’re grappling with an immediate wildlife issue or seeking preventive measures, our local presence ensures swift and reliable service tailored to your specific needs. Critter Bros is the company to call.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Wildlife Exclusions - Critter Bros

Critter Bros specializes in wildlife exclusion services tailored to the specific environmental and wildlife challenges of Sacramento, CA. Our team is experienced, certified, and equipped with the latest technology to ensure effective and humane solutions to your wildlife problems.

We provide comprehensive exclusion services for a variety of wildlife, including rodents, birds, raccoons, and more. Our services include initial inspections, customized exclusion plans, installation of barriers, and follow-up monitoring to ensure effectiveness.

If you notice signs of wildlife activity such as noises in the attic, droppings, property damage, or visible animal entry points, it might be time to consider wildlife exclusion services. Contact us for a free inspection to assess your situation.

Wildlife exclusion aims to be a long-term solution by addressing the root causes of wildlife entry. We use durable materials and proven techniques to secure your property against future invasions.

The cost of wildlife exclusion varies based on the type of wildlife, the extent of the infestation, and the complexity of the required services. We offer transparent pricing and free initial inspections to provide you with a detailed and customized quote.

You can schedule a service by contacting Critter Bros directly via our website, phone, or email. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs.

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