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Fox Pest Removal

Fox Removal Services in Reno, Nevada

Foxes, while charming, can become troublesome if they decide to make your property their home. Nevada is home to 3 different species of Foxes: the Red Fox, Kit Fox, and Gray Fox. Foxes often establish den sites by digging under decks, porches, garages, and barns. They can also pose a threat to pets and small livestock. Additionally, foxes can carry diseases, including rabies, that are dangerous to people and pets. If you’re dealing with fox-related issues in Reno, NV, Critter Bros is here to help. Our professional fox removal services can safely and humanely remove the problem fox and prevent it from returning.

Signs you have a Fox problem

Foxes are extremely adaptable to urban and suburban areas. They will commonly invade trashcans and burrow under sheds. Foxes are nocturnal meaning they mostly come out at night. Simply seeing a Fox during the day is not a major cause of concern or a guarantee that the fox is rabid. However, if you have small pets that could be mistaken for prey or are concerned about foundational damage the first step is to schedule a thorough wildlife removal inspection with a NWCOA trained expert. During the inspection, a trained eye looks out for tracks, droppings, unexplained holes, nearby food sources, and more. After assessing the property there are several humane ways to remove foxes from your property and prevent them from returning. Our expert team at Critter Bros is well-trained in carefully removing foxes. We employ effective, non-lethal techniques to ensure that foxes are safely and humanely captured.

Diseases Spread by Foxes | Symptoms of a Sick Fox

Rabies is one of the diseases most commonly associated with foxes. Infected foxes can spread rabies to people and pets through their bite. symptoms include headaches, fever, discomfort, nausea, and pain or itching at the site of the bite. If rabies transmission is suspected, seek immediate medical attention. 

Tularemia is another disease spread by foxes. This disease is transmitted via direct skin contact and causes fevers, skin ulcers, and swelling. Both alive and dead foxes can carry tularemia. 

Toxocariasis is spread by roundworms which commonly infect foxes. The worms lay eggs and are released in fox feces. People infected with the disease will experience difficulty chewing and swallowing, seizures, and extreme sensitivity. In severe cases, this condition may lead to blindness. 

Mange is another disease commonly associated with foxes. The possibility of contracting mange from a fox is significantly low because it’s only spread through close contact. Mange causes a rash on humans that usually heals after a couple of weeks.

To minimize the transmission of the disease, people should never approach, handle, or touch a alive or dead fox. Contact Critter Bros at (775) 870-6061 for safe and humane fox removal services in the Reno area. 

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How to Remove a Fox? | Fox Removal Methods in Reno, NV

There are many methods to remove a fox from your Reno property. The most effective method is live trapping. There’s a reason foxes have a reputation for being clever. This method requires extensive knowledge about the animal’s behavior and diet. Our trained technicians at Critter Bros have the know-how you need to capture and remove a fox from your property. While there isn’t a known effective repellent to keep foxes off the property, you can take steps to keep them at bay.

How to Deter Foxes? | Fox Deterrent near Reno, NV

Clearing your home of yard debris and food sources, building protective fencing, and tightly sealed trash cans can keep foxes from wanting to return to your property. You’ll want to make your property as inaccessible to a fox as possible. A well-placed fence will usually discourage a fox and they will not even try to come back in the future. Keep all gates closed, especially at night. You should also block up areas under sheds or decking (Fall and winter are the best times) as these are ideal locations for fox dens. Critter Bros offers everything you need to remove a fox from your property and exclude them. Contact us at (775) 870-6061 for a free inspection! 

Fox Removal Cost | How much does Fox Removal Cost in Reno, NV?

The cost of fox removal in Reno, NV, can vary depending on several factors. Each situation is unique, and costs may depend on the number of foxes that need to be removed, the method of removal, the time of year, and the extent of damages caused. Additionally, if you choose to include exclusion services to prevent future fox infestations, costs may be higher due to the materials and labor involved. It’s best to contact a professional wildlife removal company like Critter Bros for a thorough inspection and customized quote based on your specific situation. 

Who to Call for Fox Removal near Reno, NV?

Critter Bros is your trusted wildlife removal expert in Reno, NV, offering comprehensive fox removal services. Our trained technicians are wildlife certified, ensuring the safe and effective removal of foxes from your property. We begin with a thorough free inspection to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Our methods include live trapping, which is the most humane way to remove foxes. Additionally, we offer exclusion services to prevent foxes from returning once they have been removed. Trust Critter Bros for professional and reliable fox removal services in Reno, NV, and rest assured that your wildlife issues are in expert hands. Call us at (775) 870-6061 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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