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Bee and Wasp Control

Bee and Wasp Control in Sacramento, CA

Critter Bros provides the best bee and wasp control services in  the Sacramento, CA area. These stinging insects, prevalent during the spring and summer, seek to establish nests on your property. Bees typically nest on the ground or inside trees, whereas wasps will nest underground or opt for locations like trees, porches, garages, and occasionally even attics. Regardless of their nesting spot, rely on Critter Bros’ expertise for swift and effective nest removal, and let us restore safety to your yard.

Bee vs Wasp | Beehive vs Wasp Nest

Bees and wasps, though often grouped together, possess distinctive traits that let you tell them apart. Wasps typically have larger, slimmer, and elongated bodies, while bees are characterized by their smaller, plumper, and shorter stature. Bees excel as pollinators and produce honey, a trait absent in wasps. While bees may sting when provoked, their aggression pales in comparison to the repeated and extremely painful stings of wasps defending their nests.

Bumblebee colonies typically establish ground nests, whereas honeybees favor tree locations. Among bees, carpenter bees stand out for their destructive tendencies, hollowing out wood for nesting purposes.

Wasp nests typically feature exposed cells and often lack the enclosed structure of bee hives. Some, like yellow jackets, prefer subterranean nests, though many species nest in close proximity to human habitation. Wasps can construct nests on porches, decks, inside garages, beneath outdoor furniture, within grills, and even within attics, posing potential hazards to homeowners.

Dangers of a Bee and Wasp Infestation in Sacramento, CA

The primary danger associated with bees and wasps lies in their inclination to sting people and pets perceived as threats to their nests. While bees are generally more restrained, often refraining from stinging due to the fatal consequences for many species, wasps exhibit a more aggressive response, capable of multiple stings if humans encroach too closely on their territory.

Bee and wasp stings inflict intense pain and commonly result in itchy, red welts on the affected area. In instances where the individual stung is allergic to bee or wasp venom, they could go into anaphylactic shock.

Furthermore, there’s the risk of being swarmed by these insects. Attempting DIY removal of a bee or wasp nest is ill-advised, as it may agitate the insects, leading to a swarm and multiple stings. Always entrust bee or wasp removal in Sacramento, CA, solely to licensed pest control professionals like Critter Bros.

Bee and Wasp Control in Sacramento, CA

Bees and wasps deliver a potent and painful sting when they perceive a threat to their nests, and these stinging insects are frequently found in trees, yards, decks, porches, and even within garages or attics. Don’t worry, Critter Bros is here to help. We provide bee and wasp control and removal services in Sacramento, CA, along with preventative pest control treatments to prevent the, from coming back Reclaim your yard today and reach out to us to get started at (916) 257-8739!

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How To Get Rid of Bees and Wasps in Sacramento, CA

If bees or wasps are hindering your enjoyment of your yard, don’t hesitate to reach out to the licensed professionals at Critter Bros. We specialize in bee and wasp nest removal services in the Sacramento, CA area, backed by years of expertise in safely managing these aggressive insects. Our methods prioritize your safety and the well-being. Contact us today to schedule a FREE estimate at (916) 257-8739 and reclaim your outdoor space with confidence!

How To Keep Bees and Wasps Away in Sacramento, CA| Bee and Wasp Deterrent in Sacramento, CA

After successfully removing stinging insects from your property, the next crucial step is implementing measures to prevent their return and re-infestation on your porch, deck, or inside your garage. Critter Bros can help. We provide preventative pest control treatments in Sacramento, CA, aimed at deterring these insects from considering your home as a suitable nesting site. Moreover, if bees or wasps have infiltrated your home, our expert team will identify and seal their entry points, preventing them from returning to your home. Trust Critter Bros to safeguard your property from bees and wasps today!

How Much Does Bee and Wasp Removal Cost in Sacramento, CA?

The cost to remove beehives and wasp nests is variable, based on the location and size of the infestation. Critter Bros offers free inspections, so one of our trained experts can go out and inspect your property before providing you with an estimate for the cost of bee and wasp removal. Contact us today to get started at (916) 257-8739!

Best Bee and Wasp Pest Control Near Me in Sacramento, CA

Bees and wasps are known to deliver a powerful and painful sting when they feel as if their nests are threatened, and unfortunately, their nests are often located on trees, in yards, on decks or porches, or even inside your garage or attic. Don’t worry, Critter Bros is here to help. We offer bee and wasp control and removal, and we can also offer preventative pest control treatments to keep them from returning in the future. Take your Sacramento yard back today, contact us to get started at (916) 257-8739!

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