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Gopher Removal

Pocket Gopher Removal in Sacramento, CA

Pocket gophers are known for excavating elaborate tunnels beneath lawns and gardens, posing a threat to plant root systems, creating unattractive soil mounds, and potentially causing harm to concealed electrical wires and foundations. Critter Bros provides top-notch trapping and removal services specifically tailored to address pocket gopher issues in the Sacramento, CA area.

Signs of Gophers in Yard | Gopher Hole Identification

The primary indicator of gophers inhabiting your yard is the appearance of gopher “mounds” – heaps of soil kicked up near the entrances to their underground tunnels. While gopher mounds may be mistaken for molehills, there are distinct differences.

Pocket gopher mounds usually take on a crescent or fan shape, with the gophers sealing their exit holes with soil. In contrast, molehills typically have open exit holes, and the soil mounds resemble miniature volcanoes. No matter what type of critter is digging in your yard, you can count on Critter Bros to quickly and effectively take care of the problem. 

Gopher Lawn Damage | Gopher Burrows

Is your once-immaculate lawn under siege by troublesome pocket gophers? Look no further than Critter Bros for skilled wildlife removal services! With their penchant for burrowing, pocket gophers can wreak havoc across your property. Their extensive network of tunnels and mounds not only disrupts the smooth surface of your lawn but also poses unsightly and hazardous conditions. Moreover, their digging activities can wreak havoc on the root systems of your grass and plants, resulting in patchy and uneven growth.

Additionally, the havoc wreaked by gophers isn’t limited to your lawn’s surface. These underground pests can also cause significant damage to home foundations and buried electrical lines. Their relentless digging can lead to cracking of foundations, and they can tear through buried cables, potentially leading to costly repairs and safety hazards.

Gophers can also wreak havoc on the growth of plants within your garden. They frequently damage the roots of garden plants during their excavation and feed on various vegetable crops such as onions, potatoes, carrots, alfalfa, and more.

Don’t allow these subterranean intruders to ruin your outdoor sanctuary—rely on our expert team to safely and efficiently remove pocket gophers and get your lawn back in shape. 

How Do You Get Rid of Gophers in Sacramento, California?

Gophers are very clever critters and can be challenging to trap. Therefore, the most effective approach to resolving a gopher issue on your Sacramento property is to enlist the expertise of a licensed wildlife removal specialist like Critter Bros. With extensive experience in serving the Sacramento area, our licensed technicians possess the knowledge and skills necessary to promptly and efficiently address your gopher problem.

Gopher Removal Services Near Me

Gophers have the potential to cause unsightly harm to your lawn through their burrowing activities and the creation of their dirt mounds. Furthermore, these troublesome creatures can interfere with the growth of plants on your property and pillage your garden for vegetables. Fortunately, Critter Bros provides top-notch gopher trapping and removal services tailored to your needs in the Sacramento, CA region. inspection at (916) 257-8739 and take the first step towards reclaiming your outdoor space!

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How To Repel Gophers in Sacramento, CA | Gopher Prevention

The best way to deal with a gopher problem is to prevent one from ever happening in the first place. Critter Bros provides proactive gopher treatments for residences in Sacramento, including installation of wildlife fencing around your yard or garden. Additionally, our technicians can bury these fences a few inches below ground level to thwart gophers from burrowing beneath them.

Cost of Gopher Removal in Sacramento, CA

The cost of gopher removal is variable, based on the specifications of your exact property and how severe your gopher problem is. Take advantage of one of our free inspections, and a licensed expert from Critter Bros can come out to your property in Sacramento and give you an estimate for the cost of gopher removal. 

Gopher Control Services Near Me

Gophers can create unsightly damage in your lawn with their burrows and mounds, and these pesky critters can also disrupt the growth of plants on your property and raid your garden for vegetables. Critter Bros can help, we offer the best gopher trapping and removal services in the Sacramento, CA area. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate at (916) 257-8739!

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