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Vole Removal

Vole Removal Near Me in Sacramento, CA

Voles are a small nuisance nuisance in the Sacramento, CA region, are recognized for their shallow tunneling activities in yards and lawns. While distinct from mice, they are often called meadow mice or field mice. Their presence can result in substantial harm to grass, plants, and trees. If your plants and grass are dying for seemingly no reason, this could signal a vole infestation.

If you have a vole problem, Critter Bros can help. We offer the best vole trapping and removal services in the Sacramento, CA vicinity.

Voles vs Moles | What Is A Vole?

Voles are frequently mistaken for moles, but they are different creatures with unique characteristics and behaviors.

Voles, resembling small, brown rodents, bear a striking resemblance to mice, featuring round faces and small, rounded ears. Conversely, moles, not classified as rodents, are easily distinguishable by their sizable nose, barely discernible eyes, and prominent paws equipped with large claws that aid in their burrowing activities.

Inhabiting low-lying vegetation and tall grass, voles construct small, shallow tunnels reminiscent of miniature trenches. In contrast, moles opt for a fully subterranean lifestyle within underground burrows.

What Do Voles Eat in Sacramento, CA?

Voles, being herbivorous, have a diet encompassing plants, seeds, grass, tree bark, roots, and occasionally vegetable crops. Indicators of vole feeding activity on your premises include:

– Brown, withered grass
– Gnaw marks encircling the base of trees or shrubs
– Absent vegetables from your garden

Should you observe these signs of vole presence in your yard, Critter Bros is here to help. We provide vole trapping and removal services in the Sacramento, CA vicinity, safeguarding your plants from these bothersome pests.

Vole Damage to Lawns/Yards in Reno, NV

A clear indication of a vole infestation are the shallow tunnels crisscrossing across your yard. Voles don’t use subterranean burrows, opting instead for shallow trenches that are around two inches in width. These trenches frequently reveal vole droppings upon inspection. Unlike solitary moles, voles exhibit social behavior, and the presence of their distinctive digging patterns typically signifies a widespread vole infestation.

How To Get Rid of Voles in your Yard

Voles are attracted to areas with dense cover, providing protection from predators. To mitigate vole-related issues, try to maintain neatly trimmed grass and eliminate any brush piles, stray logs, or leaves in your yard, as these serve as the cover voles seek. Using pesticides against voles is not recommended, as they can potentially cause more harm to your yard than the voles themselves.

 The most efficient approach to eliminating voles from your yard is by enlisting the expertise of a licensed wildlife removal professional like Critter Bros. We not only remove existing vole populations from your property in Sacramento but also employ wildlife fencing to deter future vole infestations. Our wildlife experts can install this fencing a few inches into the ground, effectively preventing voles from burrowing underneath it. 

Vole Removal Services Near Me

Though small in size, voles pose a significant threat to the plant life in your Sacramento yard. Their activity results in unsightly trench-like tunnels and they consume stems, seeds, grass, and vegetable crops. Additionally, trees and shrubs are susceptible to their damage.

Critter Bros provides effective vole trapping and removal services in the Sacramento, CA region. Our licensed experts possess the necessary tools and expertise to safeguard your yard and plants from these nuisance pests. Contact us today at (916) 257-8739 for assistance!

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Cost of Vole Trapping and Removal Near Me

The cost of vole trapping and removal in Sacramento, CA is variable, based on the size of the area that needs to be treated and the severity of your vole infestation. Critter Bros offers free inspections, so call us today to get started at (916) 257-8739

Best Vole Removal Services in Sacramento, CA

Voles are small but they can cause serious damage to the plant life in your yard. Voles will create unsightly trench-like tunnels on your property in Sacramento, and they are known to eat stems, seeds, grass and vegetable crops. Voles can also damage trees and shrubs. Critter Bros can help, we offer effective vole trapping and removal services in the Sacramento, CA area. Our licensed experts have the tools and the knowledge to protect your yard and your plants from these nuisance pests, so call us today at (916) 257-8739

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