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Armadillo Removal

Armadillo Removal Services in Reno, Nevada

The Nine-Banded Armadillo is the only species of armadillo in the U.S. They are classified as a nuisance animal due to their burrowing habits. They are extremely adaptable and can live in practically any soil type. Armadillos long nails can cause damage to utility lines and their deep burrows can also cause foundational damage. In addition to property damages, public health is also a factor associated with Armadillos.  Some armadillos are naturally infected with the bacteria that cause Hansen’s disease (Leprosy). Therefore, it’s critical to respond appropriately to armadillos on your property.

Diseases Spread by Armadillos

Diseases carried by armadillos are typically difficult to contract without intimate contact. Human contact with or consumption of these animals is the usual method of transmission. Remember that dead armadillos and undercooked meat can still contain bacteria and viruses, so avoid any removal or trapping that involves direct contact. Leprosy is the most common disease associated with armadillos, though they can occasionally harbor parasitic worms and even rabies. To reduce the risk of disease transmission, it is best to contact a professional wildlife removal company for armadillo removal. 

How to Remove Armadillo from yard?

Due to their nocturnal habits, armadillos can be challenging to locate on your own. However, they will forage during the day in the winter when it is colder. Since armadillos dig with their noses, they require loose soil; dense soil would hinder their ability to dig for food. Thus, upturned plants and shallow holes would be the first things you would notice. Due to their acute sense of smell, armadillos may be drawn to your yard by the scent of potential food sources. Eliminating food sources, dense undergrowth, and wood piles in your landscape is the best strategy to deter armadillos. If you have an armadillo devasting your garden or burrowing under your shed it’s best to leave removal to the professionals due to the risk of disease transmission. After a free inspection to assess the full scope of the damage, a Critter Bros technician can provide a custom plan of action to remove armadillos and prevent them from coming back. 

How to Remove Armadillo from Under House?

The best method of removing an armadillo from under a structure is trapping and exclusion. Trapping and removal can be challenging. Not to mention the risk of disease transmission from close contact. To ensure that the armadillos are removed humanely, and safely hiring a professional removal company is the best course of action. Our wildlife technicians at Critter Bros are trained to remove nuisance wildlife while following all state and federal regulations. Call us at (775) 870-6061 or fill out our contact form for a free wildlife removal inspection.

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How Much Does Armadillo Removal Cost?

There are many variables the price depends on such as the species, the location of the animal, the complexity of the removal, and the resources needed. While we cannot provide a one-size-fits-all cost for armadillo removal, we can offer a free inspection to assess the damage and complexity of your specific situation accurately. Contact us for a free wildlife removal Estimate in the Reno area today! 

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